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J A E . J O V E N

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Sweet as Lemonade

Wait Anymore
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Hip-hop artist Jae.Joven made his debut EP, From Within, in the spring of 2018. Based out of Portland, OR, but born in the small town of Longview, WA, Jae never imagined music would be his vehicle towards success.


Early hardships struck when his parents split and his father lost his job due to the 2008 economic recession. He lost his childhood home and was separated from his younger sister. Hip-hop quickly became an escape and lead to his love for the genre.


Aspirations to become a doctor diminished when he decided his true passion was music. Despite his high academic marks in school, Jae saw the potential for success in his musical talents.


His personality is spread throughout his music, full of unapologetic statements and personal truths about his life. Jae, like his music, is unafraid to touch upon any topic.


© 2021, Jae.Joven 

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